BISCT – Blind Interactive Simulation for Cricket Training

About the project

The BISCT project is about developing virtual practice environments for players of blind sports. The project brings together a highly experienced team of technical developers, blind cricketers, sports coaches and university teachers to develop these virtual practice environments. BISCT will integrate Wii technology, a 3d digital audio space and physics engine into an interactive, working whole. The developments will be trialled initially by student members of a Foundation Degree in Community Sport Coaching offered by LondonMet and then by the wider community of Blind Cricketers. Our initial focus is on Blind Cricket; however, we plan to extend the technology to embrace other sports and applications in due course.

The team

The project aims:

  • to offer players and coaches increased autonomy in planning and regulating their skills’ practice regime;
  • to remove constraints of time and place for practice through the provision of portable virtual environment;
  • to supply an environment that supports the design of bespoke coaching drills and applications; 
  • to encourage global harmonisation of skills development;
  • to create a digital environment with lean but flexible architecture and established Wii UI to a personal 3D audio environment, allows for technology transfer nationally, internationally and to other blind sports.

Download the latest version here. A video of it in action is here.

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